• Westminster Cheddar
    Cheese produced as nature intended

  • Veldhuyzen Kaas
    Passion For Cheese

  • Waddi Al Urdun General Trading Co.
    One Of The Biggest Food Company in Iraq

  • El Brezal Honey
    Ours is a company with a hundred years of history

  • Bahcivan
    Milk is the starting point of quality in cheese for us

Featured Products

Here are some of our featured products

Bear Paws Baked Apple Cookies

Dare Foods / Bear Paws

Yeast Donut Mix

Edde Almond / Paste

Yöre Chicken Soujuk

Maret / Soujuk

Grana Padano Bocconcini

Virgilio / Cheese

Halloumi Whole-fat

Arden / Cheese

Somerdale Red Cheshire Cheese

Somerdale / Traditional English Cheese

Veldhuyzen Gouda Cheese

Veldhuyzen Kaas / Veldhuyzen

Kaptein Processed Cheese

Kaptein / Processed Cheese

Canola Oil

Canadian Pride / Canola Oil

Bega Processed Cheddar Cheese

Bega / Processed Cheese