About Maret

About Maret
Before starting to our journey

We would like to talk about Şanlıurfa's unique beauty and historical texture.
Southeastern Anatolia is one of the most important centers for livestock breeding and feeding and also has been home to many different civilizations throughout the history. Sumerians, Assyrians, Commagene, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires had ruled in this region. Göbeklitepe, Balıklıgöl, Zeugma and Dara Ancient Cities and Mount Nemrut are the proofs of this historical richness of the region.

Our journey begins!

Life starts as the sun rises at Maret’s farm, which is Turkey’s biggest cattle farm that established on an open field of 740 thousand sqm in Şanlıurfa.
Our first job of the day is to control feed and water of our animals. Every day, the health status, digestion and welfare of the animals are under the control of our veterinarians.

We value nature

We care about nature as much as we care for our production.
In order to create sustainable environment, recycling in every aspects of our life is essential.

We prevent energy waste and environmental pollution thanks to the waste analysis method that we use to determine the amount of meals and feed rations of animals. We strive for zero waste by composting straw and manure in our manure conversion facility.

Composting process that is used in agriculture and livestock improves physical, chemical and biological structure of soil. This method enables us to coexist peacefully with the environment that surrounds us.

So what is happening in this farm?

Thanks to this farm we do not only benefit ourselves and our animals, thanks to our contracted agricultural practices, we contribute to the economy of the region by using the feed plants grown by our local people.
For the comfort and health of our animals, we keep up with veterinarian controls regularly and ensure that they are fed with natural feeds in their natural environment.

We care about the comfort of the animals for their happiness and we keep them away from stress. We seem to hear you saying, "Stress?", and the answer is yes, animals can also get stressed.

Well, what are the things that can cause stress?

Weather conditions, starvation and cohabitation of animals from different herds are major stressors.

Therefore, while providing a natural living environment for our cattle, we meet their itching needs with special scrubs and brushes suitable for their height and weight.

Or did you think animals never itch? Yes, scratching calms animals, makes them cleaner and prevents them from stress by increasing their welfare.

On the second stop in our journey

We see a crowd. Did you know that the animals of the same herd and weight should live together?
In our farm, we pay great attention to this issue in the paddocks and give priority to our animals’ happiness.

We seem to hear you asking ‘what precautions are you taking?’. With special paddock roads, we provide large areas for our animals. We make sure that the water containers are always full to keep them from getting dehydrated, and we use nutritious and natural food recommended by our agricultural engineers. While meticulously following the animals' process of reaching the ideal weight, we are always kind to them.

The animals that have reached the desired weight, are slaughtered with Islamic method, under the control of a veterinarian. Carcass meats set out to be processed in Maret Production Facility with our special refrigerated vehicles that preserve the freshness of the first day. The secret of unique Maret taste takes place at every stage of this journey.

High Technology In Maret Production Facility

Our facility has been designed in a structure that conforms to European standards.

There are certain required temperature ranges for meats to maintain their freshness and quality. After the controls, meats from Şanlıurfa farm are stored in cold storages with an ambient temperature of + 2°C after the controls. For health and quality, the temperature is constantly balanced at + 8 ° C in all production areas.