Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The No.1 Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe - using our very own creamy Cheddar of course!

There is a simple cheese sandwich, and then there’s an iconic grilled cheese sandwich – the ultimate mix of fresh bread and melted rich cheese, all with a crunchy bite. And in just 10 super-fast minutes, this recipe will provide you with the grilled cheese sandwich that you deserve. Go on, treat yourself.

Prep & Cook Time: 10 mins
Skill Level: Easy
Serves: 1

Ingredients needed:
  • 2 slices of thick freshly cut bread
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • A super-generous 1/4 cup of grated Westminster Sharp English Cheddar Cheese (perfect for melting!)

Let's get cooking:
  • Place a non-stick skillet over medium heat and add a tablespoon of butter. Spread it around the pan and watch it melt completely. Once it begins to sizzle, it’s time to get this grilled cheese sandwich going! Place the two slices of cut bread into the skillet and generously rub them into the melted butter. Remove one of the slices from the pan and keep it close by - we’ll need it later. Top tip! For extra crunch, rub both sides of the bread into the melted butter. This is where our Sharp English Cheddar Cheese comes into its own! Pile the grated cheese on top of the bread slice that is left in the pan and layer over its entire surface - the more the better! Cover the pan with a lid or some foil and let the delicious creamy cheese melt - 2 to 3 minutes max. Waiting is always the hardest part! Brace yourself! Uncover the pan (did you get that cheese aroma rush? Yum!) and top the sandwich with the other slice of bread you put by earlier. Gently press down on the sandwich and then flip over. Let the sandwich cook on the other side until a beautiful golden brown. Just 1 - 2 more minutes to go - we promise. Time to serve - transfer to a plate and allow the sandwich to rest for 30 seconds before you enjoy the cheesy heavenly delight!